Switchgrass Innovations

Meet and Greet at Guelph Organic Conference Sunday January 31, 12:00 to 3:00 pm University of Guelph room UC333

This event will bring together leading switchgrass research experts, experienced switchgrass producers, OMAFRA staff and farmers interested in using switchgrass as a premium, perennial, pesticide-free livestock bedding and horticultural mulch.

The event will be a chance to learn more about how to grow and use the crop and why it’s gaining in popularity with organic producers.

Key presenters include:

Don Nott, Clinton, Ontario: Director, Ontario Biomass Producers Co-operative + Ontario’s largest switchgrass grower

Roger Samson, Executive Director, REAP-Canada: Recent innovations in switchgrass research and development in Eastern Canada

Rudy Zubler, Ridgetown, Ontario, Using switchgrass as an organic dairy bedding

Other producers and users will be present to share their experiences

For more information contact:

Roger Samson: rsamson@reap-canada.com 514-398-7743

Urs Eggimann:   urs.eggimann@ontariobiomass.com 519-794-0313

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