Are you raising hogs without antibiotics?

Originally posted to ONswine July 3, 2019 by Laura Eastwood, OMAFRA Swine Specialist

If so, the Prairie Swine Centre would like to recruit you to participate in a research project! The overall goal of the study is to determine whether the pattern of antibiotic use on farms is correlated with the prevalence of specific pig pathogens and antimicrobial resistance. The project will use both RWA and non-RWA farms, and is currently recruiting RWA farms located in Canada for the project.

The research trial will be conducted over a 2 year period, and the research team will need access to all pig treatment records, as well as fecal and manure sampling every 6 months (training will be provided). Reimbursement will be offered to each barn enrolled in the study for any incremental project-related costs.

If you are interested and would like to learn more, please contact:
Dr. Bernardo Predicala
Research Scientist – Engineering
Prairie Swine Centre

About Betty Summerhayes, OMAFRA, Technology Transfer Specialist

Technology Transfer Specialist, OMAFRA
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