About ONorganic

A blog about Ontario organic producers

This blog replaces the ON Organic newsletter, produced by the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA). This blog aims to help organic farmers keep up-to-date on numerous issues, sources of information, programs, and events to assist them with their organic production and marketing needs.

ONorganic blog topics

Whether you are an existing organic farmer in Ontario or are interested in starting or transitioning to organic crop production – this blog is for you. The ONorganic blog contains organic livestock, crop and business information, such as:

  • Organic regulatory and funding updates
  • Extension articles and latest research findings related to organic production
  • Soil, pest and weed management information including mulching, cover crops, scouting and soil fertility
  • Livestock nutrition, production and housing best management practices such as genetics and biosecurity targeted to organic livestock farmers
  • Organic conference, learning and tour opportunities
  • Business information such as business planning, marketing and consumer trends.

Ontario organic production

In 2009 there were 716 certified organic farms in Ontario with approximately 115,000 acres of certified cropland. Ontario organic production includes:

  • Field crops and hay – corn, soybeans, wheat etc.
  • Grains and oilseeds – barley and oats etc.
  • Fruits and vegetables – apples, strawberries etc.
  • Milk and dairy products – milk, yoghurt etc.
  • Maple syrup
  • Specialty crops – Lavender, ginseng, hops etc.


The ONorganic Team

We’re here to help

Are there organic livestock, crop or business management issues you are facing or would like to learn more about? Please leave a reply below so we can address them for you (and others) in an upcoming post.

 The following specialists from the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) contribute to the blog and can answer technical questions you may have:

Evan Elford – OMAFRA, New Crop Development Specialist
Jack Kyle – OMAFRA, Grazier Specialist
Katie Meagher – OMAFRA, Marketing Specialist
Hugh Berges – OMAFRA, Manager Horticultural Technology
Mario Mongeon – OMAFRA, Livestock Specialist
Melanie Filotas – OMAFRA, IPM Specialist for Specialty Crops
Jacquie De Fields – OMAFRA, Client Service Representative
Julie Desrosiers – OMAFRA, Client Service Representative


Additional organics resources

Already an organic farmer?

For additional resources, visit the OMAFRA website ontario.ca/organic (English) or ontario.ca/biologique (French)

Want to transition to an organic farm?

If you are new to organic farming, besides joining the blog, there are two OMAFRA infosheets that are useful to get started: Introduction to Organic Farming and Starting an Organic Farm. The OMAFRA website also has detailed information. For English information visit ontario.ca/organic and for French ontario.ca/biologique

Are you a consumer interested in organic products?

Growth of organic food sales in North America is reported to be 15-20% per year for the past 10 years. According to Statistics Canada “the top-selling certified organic foods included fresh vegetables, at 25% of the market, beverages (excluding milk), with 18%, fresh fruit at 13% and dairy products, with 11%”. For information on Ontario products, what’s in season and recipes visit Foodland Ontario.


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